Sacredness Begins With YOU

Awaken your Inner Divine Birth Goddess and surrender to the calling of wisdom and power within you for a magnificent manifestation of the sacred birth experience that your body, mind and soul truly desire.

You Are a Pregnant Goddess

"Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a narrow bridge. People can acompany you to the bridge. They can greet you on the other side but you must walk the bridge alone." African proverb
You are ready to shift your entire perception about birth.
You are ready to journey within for an epic quest.
You are ready to discover your inner compass for strength and power.
You are ready to awaken and align to your womb wisdom.
You are ready to create a full body mind and soul connection with yourself and your baby.
You are ready to step into your full divine Goddess essence.

Your Sacred Birth Story

As a divine Birth Goddess you hold all the magic inside. Own your path and write your own sacred, timeless, irreplaceable birth story. Sacred birth stories have been passed down for milenia through word, songs dreawings and now photography. Birth photography is a unique way to capture and preserve in time a fraction of your divine immortality.

Chicago NFT Photography

"Transmuting photos into digital echoes"
Step into the Age of Aquarius, where we will bring together the past through traditional artistic expression of beauty, the future through advanced technologies like virtual reality and the blockchain, and bring them together in the present to make your memories timeless.


Hi I am Laura! I am a birth photographer and doula, and also an intuitive healer and spirutal coach. In my practice I integrate diffrent Reiki energies, EFT along with shamanic practices and sound healing to create an individualized holistic experience that empowers women to find their divine Goddess Essence within.

Hypnotherapy coming soon