Create a sacred bond with your baby

Pregnancy is a very profound experience and it's important to find the perfect harmony of the physical, emotional and spirtual states between the mother and baby.

Learn how to conciously connect with your baby, from the inception of your pregnancy, through the mother's five senses by creating your unique practices and rituals.

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Create your inner temple

Reclaim your vitality, your emotional ease and your creative power through meditation, breathwork and other self discovery practices.

Embody your full Goddess essence by choosing to learn radical self acceptance and contentment so you can really enjoy the magical journey of pregnancy leading into childbirth.

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Create your dream birth

Conquer your fears and anxiety, two of the most common and prevelent emotions during birth, become fully present and aware to embody more pleasure and less pain during your birth.

Use the power of meditation, visualization, imagination and customized positive affirmations in order to manifest the peaceful birth experience that you desire.

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Your Journey Story

Create a daily practice or "sadhna" that will become the highlight of your day.
A practice that you LOVE and that you do because you love every second of it!
This is not the goal of your practice but a consequence as you sit and observe how your life is tranforming

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

What is EFT and how to use it to create a fearless birth

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Breath work

How to use concious breathing to deeply connect with your baby and ease your labor

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Childbirth preparation & Empowerment

Elevate your experience and tap into our inner wisdom to create the magical birth you deserve

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Spiritual and emotional Mentorship

Have your own personal mentor to guide and support you through your journey

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