According to Quantum Physics, everything is in a state of constant vibration and nothing sits still. At the most fundamental level, anything in the universe is pure energy manifesting itself differently. The world around us does not have solidity. Matter is simply energy in a state of vibration. When we experience fear, stress, anxiety or tension our body becomes out of sync with its natural rate of vibration. This causes our body to vibrate at a lower frequency.

Sound is the original and most powerful form of energy on Earth. It is the sound that we can hear and it is also the sound that we cannot hear. All life on Earth relies on sound for survival.

With quartz singing bowls, you can restore our natural health by realigning the chakras and aura, as well as our physical body. The bowls increase the vibration in our body and heal us.The vibrations in crystal bowls, create beneficial vibrations and atmospheric changes which makes the person feel relaxed and calm. It also impacts the brain, able to slow down brain waves, create balance, and activation of all parts to the brain.

Crystal bowls create a vibration that has pleasant effects on our body, such as inducing an altered state of consciousness and relaxation. They also balance the two hemispheres in the brain and create healing frequencies. The sound of crystal bowls has been used for centuries in meditation and healing practices.The sound and vibration created by the bowls can be used to release stress, promote relaxation, and enhance creativity.In some cases, they are also used to heal physical ailments such as back pain or asthma.

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A soothing warm blanket on your soul

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Set the scene with pillows, blankets, and any other things that will make you comfortable. Make sure to have a glass of water nearby and hydrate your body before and after your sound bath

Bathe in the sound

Let the different frequencies wash over you and fill your body with relaxation.Enjoy the harmony created by your mind and overall wellbeing

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Attracting serenity with sound in the comfort of your home

In Person

Sound Bath

The home sound bath is a extravagant and resonant experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.You will be lying down on a comfortable mat or bed, and I will be using a variety of different sound healing instruments to cleanse and balance your energy field. You may hear the sound of crystal bowls and other percussion instruments, as well as my voice. This experience is perfect for those who are seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and are looking to connect with their higher self. Chicagoland area

Private Online

Sound Bath

An online private sound bath is a lush, impactful experience, designed especially for you, that will allow you to connect with your higher self. This will be an incredibly relaxing and stress-free experience that will help you to connect with your innermost desires. You will be able to let go of all of your worries and concerns and simply enjoy the sound of the healing frequencies. This is a great way to connect with your spiritual side and to receive guidance and clarity from your higher self.

Public online

Sound Bath

Come join us for our online public group sound bath! During this sound bath, you will be surrounded by the healing sounds of crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments, which will help you relax and let go of stress and tension. You will also be able to connect with other like-minded individuals who are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. This is truly a transformative experience that you will not want to miss!

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